Foodie Friday | Sliders Three Ways

With the Fourth of July quickly approaching, I wanted to post a recipe that would be a great option for entertaining a few friends and family. What could be a better crowd-pleaser than sliders? And three different ways? Well, that will cover almost everyone’s tastes. This recipe makes it all easy by using the same, flavorful patty recipe for all three sliders, each with different toppings and sauces. Perfect! Even better? They cook quickly, and you can make as many or as few as you need.


Patty Recipe (makes 12-15 patties)

3 pounds Ground Beef
2 teaspoons Seasoned Salt
2 teaspoons Ground Black Pepper
1 teaspoon Lemon Pepper Or Other Seasoning
2 Tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce
12-15 whole Dinner Rolls (or Slider Rolls)

1. Combine meat with all seasoning ingredients. Knead with hands to combine.

2. Form into small-to-medium sized balls.

3. Cover and refrigerate until ready to grill.

4. Before the patties are done cooking, wrap the buns/rolls in foil. Place on the grill for a few minutes to warm, or in the oven at 250 degrees.


Smoky Mesquite BBQ Slider (4-5)

sliced sharp cheddar, cut into 2″ squares

1 whole Large Onion, thinly sliced

1/2 cup Whiskey

1 cup Barbecue Sauce

1. Heat a skillet on the stove at medium-high heat. Throw the onions in the skillet and stir to cook, about 3 minutes.

2. Pour in whiskey (be careful if you’re cooking over an open flame; turn it off momentarily to be extra careful) and stir. Allow the whiskey to reduce by half, about 2 to 3 minutes, then stir in the barbecue sauce. Set aside when done.

3. Preheat grill for medium heat. Grill patties 3 to 4 minutes on each side or until cooked through (160°F).

4. Meanwhile, remove attached rolls from package; do NOT separate. Cut in half horizontally. Spray cut sides with grilling spray; toast on grill.

5. Separate toasted rolls and assemble sliders; Spread BBQ onion mixture on rolls, then patties on bottom halves of rolls; top with cheese. Close with tops of rolls.


Aloha Swiss Slider (4-5)

sliced swiss cheese, cut into 2″ squares
1 can (8 oz each) pineapple slices, drained
romaine lettuce
1/4 cup ketchup
1 tablespoon chipotle seasoning

1. Preheat grill for medium heat.

2. Grill pineapple slices on both sides so they get a nice char, about 1-2 minutes each side. Set aside.

3. Grill patties 3 to 4 minutes on each side or until cooked through (160°F).

4. Meanwhile, remove attached rolls from package; do NOT separate. Cut in half horizontally. Spray cut sides with grilling spray; toast on grill.

5. Separate toasted rolls and assemble sliders; Spread chipotle sauce mixture on rolls, place a small piece of lettuce then patties on bottom halves of rolls; top with cheese and pineapple. Close with tops of rolls.


BLT Cheddar Slider (4-5)

8 strips of Bacon
1 medium tomato, thinly sliced
romaine lettuce

1. Cut slices of bacon in half lengthwise. Wrap one half around ball of hamburger, pulling slightly to keep taut. Smooth to secure seam.

2. Repeat with other half of bacon, ending seam in the same place.

3. Bake the remaining bacon in the oven at 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes, or until crispy.

4. Place patties, bacon seam side down, on a baking pan with a drip tray sprayed with nonstick cooking spray. Press gently on each patty to flatten as much as you can without squeezing meat out of the edges. Refrigerate for 20 to 30 minutes to firm.

5. Preheat oven to 400 degrees, or grill to medium/high. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes (grill 5-6 minutes for medium rare), or until bacon is cooked to your specifications.

6. Serve on a warm roll with extra bacon, romaine, tomato, and mayonnaise.


Fashion | Hot Hot Pink & White

It’s Summer here in Miami and it’s hot, hot, hot! So I thought I would share a HOT HOT pink look that is perfectly casual and fun. There’s something about a hot pink top paired with all whites and neutrals that I just love. And even though I’m wearing a sweater, the open knit allows for lots of air to cool me down, and these white eyelet shorts are just as bright! Aren’t they cute? I like the longer length so you don’t have to constantly adjust them as you walk or sit, and the high waist is perfect for tucking in or out.

Scroll to the bottom for my favorite hot pink tops and sweaters for Summer and pre Fall!

So, NEON is in, and I’m embracing it this Summer. This shade of pink reminds me of my father’s Ducati. Yes, you heard me right, his racing Ducati. When I was little, every other weekend we would travel around the state to different race tracks for my dad’s motorcycle races. In the 80’s and 90’s, most of the bikes were the same three colors: yellow, black, or red. My mother would always be so nervous whenever there was a crash, because she couldn’t tell who was who or see if it was my dad that was hurt. So, my dad asked me to pick a color for him to paint his bike so he could stand out from the crowd.

That day, I happened to have a new set of NEON Crayola markers that I was coloring with. The first color I picked up was hot pink, and I handed the marker to my dad. My mother and he looked at each other with questioning glances, unsure of whether to ask me to pick another color, or what to do. But my dad was a trooper, and simply said “Ok”. For the last 20 years, he has been famous for his hot pink bike, and no one else dares to copy his style (although there are several NEON Orange and green bikes). I’m proud that he is a well known champion and veteran in the racing world, and even has his name mounted in Italy’s Ducati Hall of Fame. Thank’s for being the inspiration today!





Sweater: Forever 21 (similar) | Shorts: Michael Kors | Shoes: Tory Burch (similar) | Tote: Versace (similar) | Sunglasses: Valentino | Necklace: Baublebar | Earrings: Old Navy (similar) | Belt: similar

Home | Office Redesign Challenge

Now that I am working from home for Style Collective, redesigning my home office has become an immediate goal of mine. Having a creative space that allows me to be inspired and pushes my productivity is so important when imagining my ideal work environment, and I need YOUR help to do it!

Below, I have 3 office designs created by Modsy that you can VOTE on! Comment here on the blog, on Facebook, or on Instagram to cast your vote, and I will announce the winner Wednesday, July 5th here on the blog.

Modsy created an exact replica of my office as a blank space. Then, once I took a style quiz and created a mood board, they delivered three amazing options just a few days later. I can always edit the items in the space, swap pieces, and request a redesign. I am so in love with this service that I am considering doing it for every room in my house! They offer complete redesign, or just help with putting the finishing touches on a space.

Design 1

Featuring an open shelving concept and gallery wall, this design feels luxurious and professional while maintaining a simple femininity.


Design 2

This design brings the drama with charcoal walls, unexpected textures, and pops of color. It features elements of light and dark, which brings the eye to key pieces.


Design 3

This final design includes a major statement with a wallpapered accent wall. With clean lines, unique items, and stark contrasts of key colors, this room exudes confidence and style.


Now, it’s time for you to VOTE! They are all so outstanding in their own ways, and I was so impressed with the results from Modsy that I can’t choose. Help a girl out and post your favorite on my Instagram, Facebook page, or here on the blog.

Fashion | Lacey Baby Blue

Whenever the sun is out around here, the wind is crazy! See my hair? Impossible. Or, it’s been raining all the time. So, I’m happy to be heading to Orlando for the BlogHer Conference! Follow me on Instagram Stories for all the fun! I’m heading to the Waldorf Astoria Orlando with my mother and little Rose – I couldn’t be without her while she is so young! The great thing is that my mom gets a little vacation while she hangs out with Rose all day, and I get to “work” without being too far. I’m sure I will slip away for some relaxing moments with my little one to explore the property (it looks beautiful) and enjoy my trip.

Love this look for traveling and roadtripping, by the way. It is lightweight, cool, and comfortable. And look at those pretty details! Scroll down to shop.

Fashion | Blue Lagoon

The sun was finally out here in Miami for some time this weekend – and then it went away again! Back to rainy days for a while. I was able to wear something light and breezy that featured my all-time favorite: palm print! It is a bit different than the traditional prints I have been seeing since it features blues and soft greens, which makes it even more interesting. An of course, my all-time fave white denim jacket is baaaaaack! LOL. I think that a denim jacket is a staple piece in anyone’s closet, so I have added a few of my favorites to the bottom of this post in several different price points.

I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day weekend! I woke up with NO voice today – but not from yelling. Max had a chest cold last week and I thought I had avoided it, but I guess not. I have a tiny sore throat and I sound like a whisper, but if this is the worst of it, I’m OK with that. As long as Rose doesn’t get sick, I’ll be happy!

all in the cards | Father’s Day

Father’s day is upon us, and I will tell you right now that the main men in my life deserve a heck of a day! Since Rose has arrived, it hasn’t just been the women in the family stepping up (thank you to my mom and mother in-law for being amazing grandmothers). The men have definitely been doing their part to help us adjust to life as parents – not to mention, Max is an amazing father. So, with some help from all in the cards, I put together some small tokens of my appreciation for all the fathers!

In our family, it definitely is about the thought put into a gift, not how big or expensive it is. We are all adults and can run out the the store an buy whatever we want, so the point is really to get something that they wouldn’t normally get for themselves, something they need but don’t realize, or something that just shows you have been paying attention to their hard work. For me, days like Father’s Day are all about the details, and the beautiful coordinated cards and gift packaging from all in the cards definitely show the love and care that went into picking little tokens of love for my husband, father, and father in-law. How awesome do these matching cards and gift wrapping look? And the matching printed tissue paper? Talk about attention to detail!

My poor, dear husband – he’s been there with me for the late nights, the diapers and bottles at all hours, and everything else in between. He has stepped up in so many ways and is an amazing father to Rose. He builds my confidence, keeps me in check, and shares all the special moments with me. Rose recently started to crawl, and because of his support in my new career, I’ll be able to see her reach all of her milestones. He may not be my father, but as the father of my child and partner in life, he definitely deserves a little treat for his first Father’s Day. For him, this over-sized mug will do the trick! It’s perfect for early morning coffee (with a little Jack Daniels for the rougher mornings he might have).

For both my father and father in-law, I figured they could use some pampering with custom cologne picks! For my father, Acqua Di Gio (c/o Influenster) and for my father in-law, Bleu de Chanel (scroll to the bottom for links). My father helps me out several times a week by taking our dog, Lady, out for afternoon jogs, plus any handyman work I need done around the house. It’s wonderful having a talented father who can help me with anything I need. And my father in-law – well, he has been amazingly patient! When I went back to work, my mother in-law helped me out by watching Rose twice a week during the day so I didn’t have to put her in daycare, and he has been right there with her. They both deserve so much more than I can give them, but I know that a big hug from me and a smile from Rose is a pretty good start.

I owe a lot to the great men in my life, and I hope you all show your dads some appreciation this weekend for Father’s Day!

If you are looking for some great all in the cards products, they can be found at these retailers.

This post was sponsored by all in the cards. Products featured have been provided to The Miami Rose, but all opinions are my own.

Opening Up | A New Chapter

I am so pleased to share with you all today that I will be making a huge change in my life – for the better! I have the amazing opportunity to take on a new role at Style Collective, heading up Membership & Education.

I have been a teacher for ten years and earned my master’s in education, and now it seems that I am leaving the profession…or am I?

Well, teaching is actually in my blood – my great grandmother, grandmother, mother, and aunts were/are all teaching professionals. So if I ever had a destiny, it was to teach! Over the past 10 years I have been lucky to have lots of different classroom experiences: the good, the bad, and the ugly. If one thing is for certain, it’s that I love helping others, and that has been a major part of why I enjoy teaching.

When I was faced with going back to work after Rose was born I was very torn. I wanted to be there with my daughter, but I also wanted to remain in the workforce and not lose my identity as an educated and accomplished professional. I reluctantly went back to work once my maternity leave was up, but I knew I wasn’t truly happy. I was definitely caught between two worlds, and something was missing. I needed to find a way to have it all, because who doesn’t deserve to have their own form of happiness?

Many women today struggle with their roles, and I was definitely one of them. Do I go back to work and keep my career? Will that make me a “bad mom”? How much of my child’s life will I miss? Should I stay at home and put my career on hold, or leave it indefinitely? Will I lose respect from those I care about? How will this affect us financially? Will that make me a “bad woman” for giving up on myself? Am I weak that I can’t do both? I wanted to give it a try, and try I did. I went back to work and tried to find happiness and pride in what I was doing. But, I couldn’t. I thought that I would lose respect for myself if I quit my job and stayed at home, but I realized that I was disappointed in myself no matter what I decided. I was unhappy and unfulfilled, and it wasn’t because I had decided to work, or not to work. It was because I wasn’t allowing myself to be happy or being accepting of my own feelings. I was afraid to seem weak, but I should have worried more about how I would feel about my life looking back in 10, 20, or 30 years. Would I look back and say, “Yes, Jessie, you did the right thing”? No, I don’t think I would have. I needed to find what worked for me; my own perfect recipe for happiness and fulfillment.

One weekend a couple of months ago, I was dreading going back to work. I didn’t want my time with my daughter to end, and I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish that I couldn’t get to in time. My husband suggested that I just quit – “Just don’t go back,” he said. “You don’t owe them anything. It’s more important for you to be happy.” He was right, but I was still holding on to the idea that I had to prove myself. I knew I still wanted to work. “Maybe I’ll email Annie [Spano, Style Collective CEO]…see if she needs help.” That night I wrote what seemed like an essay rather than an email, and Max read it over for me a few times. I was so nervous to send it – out of fear of rejection, fear of change, fear of embarrassment – that I didn’t email it until the next morning. I remember feeling like the day dragged on forever before I heard from Annie, even thought it was a perfectly reasonable amount of time for her to reply. I never realized how hard it is to put yourself out there. I had always taken the safe route. But, in order to get what you want, sometimes you have to jump without knowing if the floor will be there when you land.

The subject line of this email indicates that it is a pitch, and that is exactly what it is: I am pitching myself to you, Annie. I would love nothing more than to assist you at Style Collective in any capacity.


I would be absolutely honored to have you part of the team and I am so incredibly happy that you wrote this email. Asking for something is the best thing you can do for yourself as a woman and a business woman.

The words she shared really spoke to me. She was right! The best thing I did for myself was to write that email and just. ask. Without asking, I never would have known.

So, instead of my heart breaking every day from missing my daughter, and giving up my identity as a working mom, I was lucky enough to find the perfect solution and come on board with Style Collective. I can work from home, make my own hours, travel, meet incredible people, focus on myself and – most importantly – my daughter and family. It allows me to help others who have passion for learning – which is quite different from what I have been doing these past 10 years. These women are people who do what they love and want to succeed, and that is inspiring and uplifting in itself. I am helping members in various ways, and a large part of my job is developing and writing the E-Courses and E-Books that SC members have access to. So, you can almost say that I haven’t quit my teaching career, it has just evolved into something new that fits me and my life.

The idea of the traditional career, at this point in history, is quickly evolving, and I am glad that my fears about changing my life are slowly fading.

I am so thrilled to be working for an empowering organization like Style Collective. Women helping other women is such a powerful act, and a beautiful message that needs to continue to grow! I know of so many members who depend on the support they get from their SC sisters, and have grown as professionals because of the resources and opportunities that Style Collective provides. The opportunities earned as a collective aren’t kept as a secret, they are lovingly shared with all the members. Not to mention, with the amount of resources available, there’s not enough time in the day to go through it all! The positives are endless, but my biggest thrill is the vision of where Style Collective is going, and I am so excited for what the future holds.

Thanks to the flexibility that this new position is offering me, I am able to focus more on my life and own personal goals. Instead of this being just a job change, it is a complete lifestyle change. A personal goal for me is to definitely find balance in my life – with new adventures and big changes in my future, I need to be sure to keep my priorities straight (and not neglect my husband too much!). Really, he is my rock and I love him dearly for supporting me in all of this, and for being my best friend.

This was a scary change for me. Taking the leap into a non-traditional career role wasn’t easy, but it definitely felt right once I had settled into the idea. Not taking a chance is a worse mistake than trying and failing. Every mistake is a point of growth that you can learn from, but you can’t learn from something you never try. I knew I needed to give this a shot, for myself, for Rose and my husband, and for my future. I feel as if this was meant to be, but I never knew it until it presented itself. The universe just knew!

You can’t rush the universe. Give everything you do 100%, not just in effort, but in research, planning, self education, and follow through. Things are bound to happen if you live your life with purpose.

Events | Style Collective Podcast Launch Party

In May, I had the absolute pleasure of planning an event to celebrate the launch of the Becoming Fearless podcast by our Style Collective founder and CEO, Annie Spano. Not only did I have a great time planning the event, it was incredible to meet so many talented local South Florida Style Collective bloggers! Style Collective really is a sisterhood, so speaking with all of the members who attended was like meeting old friends. While we were all so different, we realized we had a lot in common and shared the same struggles in this growing industry. Luckily, we have a network through SC to connect with one another, and share our experiences.

The launch party was a wonderful get together exclusively for South Florida Style Collective members (although, there were parties held all over the country, too!) Hosted by The Mandarin Oriental Miami at Yaku by La Mar, we enjoyed drinks and light bites prepared by Chef Diego Oka. The lovely ladies from Chanel makeup at Nieman Marcus Merrick Park joined us for an exclusive sneak peek at all of their limited release products that are hitting the stores this summer, as well as a few mini makeovers and scent consultations. After listening to the first episode of the podcast together and having a light discussion, the attendees took home bags with products provided by Chanel, Louise & Eleanor, Boutique, Miami Gorgeous, JUSTBRAYDZ by Chaya, Janette & Co. Macaron, as well as the latest edition of MIAMI Magazine.

The podcast, titled Becoming Fearless, spoke to many of us, as we all were taking a chance in an industry that is still budding, and where it is hard to gain a following while still remaining true to oneself. We were all fearless in one way or another, and I loved hearing some personals stories that helped me better connect with these fearless girlbosses. Some of us picked up blogging for fun and did it as a hobby, while others hoped to turn their blog into a full-time venture. Either way, we are all at different points in our journey, and it was helpful to see others finding success in their own ways.

I recently was faced with a life-changing decision, so for me, this podcast made so much sense. In just the first episode, I identified with so many points of comparison, and found that it echoed my story as well. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to this empowering series, be sure to do it now. It’s not just for bloggers! Anyone taking a big step in life, or needing a push in the right direction, or feeling lost or unsure about their position should give this a listen. Becoming fearless is something we all need to do every now and then, because becoming fearless can mean we are becoming stronger. I can’t wait to share my awesome news with you all on Friday, too!

I can’t wait to meet up with some of these local ladies again during Miami Swim Week in July! Be sure to check them out.

South Florida Style Collective sisters to follow (from left to right):

1 Andrea Ramirez Mi Mundo Rebelde (blog/Instagram) | 2 Jessie Undorfer The Miami Rose (blog/Instagram) | 3 Jill JbyJilly (blog/Instagram) | 4 Chuky Reyna Mi Camisa Blanca (blog/Instagram) | 5 Karyn With Love From Miami (blog/Instagram) | 6 Amanda Champion A Glam Lifestyle (blog/Instagram) | 7 Donna Levy Forst On The DLifestyle (blog/Instagram) | 8 Marnie Cecille I’m Simply Cecille (blog/Instagram) | 9 Claudia Fashion Queen Official (Instagram) | 10 Jannely Espinal The Fashion Buffet (blog/Instagram) | 11 Laura Rivas  Twenty Teenz Blog (blog/Instagram) | 12 Talia Gingham Ginger (blog/Instagram)| 13 Adela Guerra Haute Spark (blog/Instagram) | 14 Nikki Granett (Instagram)

All photos c/o Taylor McGhee (web/Instagram)

A special thanks to our sponsors:

The Mandarin Oriental Miami (web/Instagram) and Yaku by La Mar featuring Chef Diego Oka

Chanel makeup (web/Instagram) at Neiman Marcus Merrick Park (web/Instagram)

MIAMI Magazine (web/Instagram)

Louise & Eleanor (web/Instagram) Boutique (web/Instagram)

Miami Gorgeous (web/Instagram)

JUSTBRAYDZ by Chaya (Instagram)

Janette & Co. Macaron (Facebook/Instagram)


Fashion | White Stripe

Happy Monday to all my teachers out there! It’s the last Monday of the school year down here, and we are all ready for a little break! It has taken all of my willpower not to show up to work in vacation-ready outfits – but this one I sported over the weekend. It has been super rainy this past week in Miami and I am not sure if there are signs of it stopping anytime soon, so comfort is key. I love a soft pair of shorts paired with a loose and airy blouse. It is one of my summer wardrobe staples, hands down. What are some of your summer must-haves?

Stay dry Miami friends, and teachers: you’re almost there! Have an amazing week!

Little Me | Rose at 6 Months

Little Me provided The Miami Rose with complementary products for this post. I aspire to not only create beautiful and meaningful content, but to remain authentic in everything I share with my viewership.

I wanted to give everyone an update on baby Rose and how she has grown and developed now that she is 6 months! One thing I want to do more with the blog is give you a peek into my life, not just do fashion posts. There is a real family on the other end of this computer – really! Sometimes it is easy for us to disassociate with the things and people we see online, but it is more important to me that I do my best to be transparent, relatable, and real than to have a lot of followers. I love what I do, and I love my life and family. Rose has been such an amazing addition to our world and I never imagined it would be this amazing to be a mother (I mean, I have imagined it, but didn’t know what it would REALLY feel like). At 6 months, Rose is a light every day. She has hit some milestones a bit earlier than most, and at the same time she hasn’t hit others; but I don’t care! I try to remind myself all the time that every baby is different and there really can be no measure for exact time frames on developmental goals – as long as she’s happy, and EVENTUALLY getting there, then I’m so proud of her. She loves to sit up on her own and is starting to do crunches to sit up when I have her laying down – Rose has a killer core! She wants to see everything that is going on around her and is so curious about the world.

This past weekend I took her outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and soak up some warmth. I always protect her from the sun because of her fair skin, but I just couldn’t resist a little outdoors time to soak up some vitamin D and feel the breeze. Thankfully this adorable outfit kept her cool and shaded – and can you see the adorable strawberries embroidered on it?! So sweet, literally. I loved the hat, too, because it kept her face shaded, but every time the wind blew – which she loves – it flipped up to give her a peek at our surroundings. She was also fascinated with the grass, which she has actually never felt before, so it was great to see her little hands touching new and undiscovered things in nature.

She has also recently graduated to real books instead of the fabric tactile books because she is fascinated with paper. The other day I decided to lay out some of her books for her to choose from, and she was astonished! When I look at these pics, I can’t help but hear the Little Mermaid song in my head: “Look at this stuff; Isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?” I swear, that is the exact look on her face! She touched them all, one by one, and finally decided on “Pat the Bunny” all on her own. I didn’t even have to show her what to do – she opened up the book and started turning the pages like she knew what she was doing. It was definitely an adorable sight to behold. I’m an avid reader so I’m hoping she got that from me, too! She’s doing a lot of other “big girl” things as well, like eating carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, peanut butter, and blueberries with a spoon, swimming, blowing bubbles, putting herself to sleep, and even has two little bottom teeth for a couple months now!

Now that she is sitting up so well (and HOPEFULLY gearing up to crawl) I have really liked keeping her legs free in these adorable rompers from Little Me (found here, here, and here). I have found that most baby clothes are really soft, but after one wash they lose their softness, and also start to deteriorate. The clothes from Little Me are so well made, incredibly soft, and really stand up to the test of babyhood. The brand is partnered with Dreft, so the wash and wear on the items is impeccable, and even after your little one gets their hands on the clothing, they continue to look brand new. Not to mention, they have the absolute sweetest details. I loved unboxing these items when they arrived, and so did Rose. Thanks for indulging in my little update on my baby girl!