“Dress like you mean it.” – Me

I hear it time and time again – how lucky we are to live in Miami! With any location, there are the pros and cons. Like they always say: The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. To many who live through the (amazing) four seasons of the year, summer must seem like the best of all. Warm days filled with sunshine and green grass with cool nights under the starry sky. What most don’t realize until you actually live in summer year-round, is that the summer most people have up north (a lovely 75-85°F with relatively low humidity during the day, and a relaxing 50-60° at night) does not exist here.

Miami has two seasons: Summer and not Summer. Our summers are upwards of 90° with a humidity of at least 85%, and it lasts from March ‘till October. Then, from November to February, it’s not as bad as Summer, but you pray for a somewhat cool day (maybe 75° if you are lucky) or even beg for a rainy week just to get some relief from the sweltering heat.

Now, imagine trying to go to work every day, dressed to impress. Imagine seeing all of these phenomenal fashion blogs that tout amazing seasonal ensembles that we could never dream of wearing for fear of suffering a heat stroke. Don’t get me wrong, there are some talented warm-weather fashion bloggers that have great style – but where are they going in these outfits? And they have great, diverse bodies, but not all of us can get away with wearing those clothes simply because we are different.

Generally, I am a minimalist when it comes to fashion – you don’t need to wear all of the bells and whistles at the same time. While the idea of layering is great, it is not practical for the kind of weather we live in. Therefore, in order to flatter figures of a different shape, you have to get creative! Playing with different cuts, fabrics, colors, and patterns is a must, and keeping it simple saves us from the heat as well as looking frumpy. The most important thing about wearable fashion is that it is supposed to highlight YOU, the person wearing it. I hope you all can find some inspiration here as I continue on my ever-evolving relationship with fashion, as well as my own personal journey on the concept of beauty.

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