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If there’s one thing I love getting excited about, it’s travel! In case you couldn’t tell by my Fashion Itinerary printable (which is getting a makeover NEXT), I get really organized when it comes to preparing for vacation. It may seem excessive to some, but I enjoy it immensely. Not only do I get to explore the area before we even get there, I have specifics to look forward to – with no stress!

Pre-planning (for me) is definitely the way to go. That way, I don’t wake up on our first day of the trip and say, “What do we do?”. Everything is done and all we need to do is follow our schedule and enjoy. However, I am also a big fan of spontaneity, which is why most of the things I like to schedule can be cancelled free of charge. And don’t forget to build in some free time to relax, too!

Travel Itinerary

travel itinerary

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Travel Planning

This is how my process goes: once we pick our destination, duration of the trip, flight, and hotel, I do a bit of research and make a list of great things to do, see, and eat in the area. Most places have a great tourism website to help out visitors, or you can also try several different travel sites to help you plan the best trip ever! Once we have our list of things to must do/see/eat, I start filling in the calendar.

For us, food is such an important part of our travelling experience. Whether it’s trying a friend’s recommendation or the top-rated eatery in the city, we definitely make it a big “to-do”. If one or two restaurants are on our must list, I sometimes plan the rest of the meal calendar around it (i.e. the best establishment in town may not have reservations on a Saturday, but they may have availability on a Tuesday, so we don’t discriminate). After filling in the important dining choices, I will begin to fill in the rest once our activities are determined for each day. This allows us to research dining options that are close to our location, and we can choose an appropriate time. I am a big fan of making reservations through Open Table. It is free, and you can cancel them at any time. I think my ultimate worst nightmare would be finding myself in an unfamiliar place either, a) hungry and not knowing where to eat, b) hungry and having to wait a very long time for a table, c) hungry and not liking anything on the menu, and d) hungry and feeling cranky on my AMAZING vacation. For these reasons/fears, and so that we can experience our trip to the fullest (pun intended), we peruse the menus in advance to help select where we will be eating each meal.

Once we have narrowed down our selection, I create a binder with all of our trip details: itinerary, confirmations, receipts, menus, and guides. Yes, I know this may sound crazy, but guess what? It works! We even still have our binder from our honeymoon (which was SO helpful) as a memento, and to help us in the future when we want to visit again, make a recommendation, or just remember the great time we had. To me, the preparation and planning make the trip really worthwhile, and it allows you to truly relax once your trip begins.

Download the Travel Itinerary

I have created this easy chart for you to keep your trip schedule organized. You can print out the pdf and hand-write your items in with pencil or pen!

Tip: I include the time, name, address, confirmation number, and sometimes telephone number of each item directly onto the itinerary. This way you don’t need to rifle through your papers/email to find what you are looking for. Once the itinerary is filled out, save it on your phone (as a document or snapshot) so you can access it easily and effortlessly! It’s all in one place.

download the PDF file | download the JPEG file


travel itinerary

download the PDF file | download the JPEG file


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  1. Thank you! This will be so useful on our upcoming trip to Seattle and the surrounding area. I appreciate organization but am not organized myself.
    Have a wonderful rest of your summer!

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