Decided to forego the traditional Valentine’s Day “recipe” and try something new? With everything happening in life, sometime’s it’s ok to shut ourselves away from the world and just be us, together. We did this project a couple of years ago and we still thank back on our at-home date and love our piece of art!

Max is constantly full of interesting ideas – some feasible, some outrageous (you should have seen the look on our wedding planner’s face when he told her some of his ideas for the wedding – ha!). For a while now he has wanted to paint something together, and I just couldn’t find the right time or reason for us to collaborate like this. However, after spending weeks upon weeks searching for the perfect oversize piece to go above our headboard, I had not found the one. If I knew in my head what I wanted, why couldn’t we just make it ourselves? So we did!

Now, to say this wasn’t an “exercise” in patience and compromise would be lying – but we had an amazing time and we are both so incredibly proud of our creation. Every time we walk into our room and see what we achieved together we are reminded of that special day, and it is something we can pass down in our family as well. After studying our work, we found our own meaning to the images we found within the brushstrokes- what do you see?

So, here is a peek at our fun, creative, and personal project! I have included some tips, but not necessarily instructions – every couple is different and personalization is the whole point of creating your own art together.





Tips and Tricks for a Couple’s Collaborative Project

Plan ahead: make sure you have all the supplies you need, ample time set aside, and a place to paint so that you don’t get anything dirty. I borrowed some painting tarps and laid them out in our bar area, but old sheets or plastic bags will do just fine. Set out only the colors you want to use; this is controlled chaos, after all. And be sure to discuss your ideas for the painting before any painting, and do some sketches if necessary.

Go with the flow: Don’t freak out (if you are like me) if something doesn’t go right, or isn’t to your liking. It’s a collaboration, so the ideas will be coming from the both of you. No matter how well you plan (tip #1) I would bet a million dollars that you both are imagining different things.

Compromise: Along with tip #2, if you absolutely can’t let something go, don’t get upset, but make a compromise. Sometimes, when dealing with a project like this, the other person just can’t see what we want because words cannot always give us the best “picture”. Explain yourself, perhaps show an example, and discuss the best way to move forward.

Give constructive criticism: Be sure to NOT say things like “No, that’s horrible, stop” to your partner. Instead try saying something like “The way you are doing that is interesting, but I am not sure if it’s working. Why don’t you try this instead…”

Praise your partner: Take a step back, look at your work that you have done together, and tell them how much you are liking it! Keep it positive.

Listen: Always. Then respond.



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2 comments on “At-Home Date Night Couple’s Painting”

  1. I am so happy that you & Max are true partners in your marriage. It is always a work in progress although sharing the fun & the good times makes the difference. My Significant Other, Mary, feels the same way. We are partners as well! Keep on writing. We love “Miami Rose.”

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