Stage your own DIY Valentine’s Day photoshoot for your little ones with just a few easy steps and my FREE printable banner!

What do you need? Just a few things.

A room with natural light.

Light and bright is the key to good photos. If you don’t have a room that has natural light, take it outside (not in direct sunlight, though – ew shadows). You can always adjust your exposure in some pretty cool editing apps, but if you are already taking a dark photo to start, it won’t look good in the end and will be difficult to brighten up. So, go for as much light as possible. Open those curtains!

A background.

A white or light colored wall works best. Not only does it act as a great blank canvas for you to work with, it keeps things as bright as possible (see the paragraph above!). Simple is best if you want your little one to really stand out and shine – the busier the background is, the less your baby’s face is featured. Cute and minimal background props like my Valentine’s Day banner are perfect! Click to download the different printable banner variations here:

Berry Pink & White (shown)               Berry Pink & Blush                        Black & Blush

Something to feature.

A prop can chage the whole look of a photo. Look at the two photos below. In one, I dressed Rose in a bright pink look and coordinated with some gift bags. In the other, she is wearing a softer, sweeter palette, and is surrounded by her loveys. Props also give kids something to play with while you are snapping away. Am I the only one who struggles to get her to sit still? Well, here’s your chance! Flowers, balls, stuffed animals, toys, pets, pillows, ice cream – the ideas are endless. Make it yours. Play off of your LO’s personality and make it fun!


No, you DON’T need a fancy DSLR camera! But if you already have one, that’s great. Get your lens out, and make sure your aperture is set high (meaning a low f-number, like f/1.8 or f/2), and focus in on your babe’s face. Using iPhone, you can do this same thing in portrait mode. For wider shots that take in the whole scene, bigger is better. Get as wide and high as possible because you can always crop later. There’s nothing worse than loving a picture but then realizing it would have looked so much better with just an inch or two more on either side. So, GO WIDE!

Ready? Set? Photoshoot!

Take AS MANY PHOTOS AS POSSIBLE. TAKE 50. TAKE 100. However many it takes, DO IT. Better to have a lot to work with than just trying to take 2 or 3 perfect photos. Let me tell you, its NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Especially working with your kiddo, there’s no way you will only take 10 pictures and get the shot you want. Snap away for as long as possible, re-position, re-distract with a toy or prop, and go again. Plus, the best photos aren’t planned or posed, right? Candid and spontaneous wins every time. Plan to spend at least 15-30 minutes just taking photos. If you have help from a spouse, grandparent, or friend, one of you can act as the assistant: get the baby to smile or laugh, re-position props, fix lighting, change outfits, etc. You can do this!

Need some more inspiration?

Here are some adorable IG accounts that I follow who always have great photos of their little ones:

Nicole Digiacobbe

Aenny Chung

Chelsee Hood


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