There is no better way to figure out what works for you and your baby than trial and error, but that can be both timely and costly. Every baby, mommy, and home situation is different so it would make sense that your list of baby items would be unique. So, I wanted to throw my two cents in there on what worked for me for months 3-6 and give some “must-haves” an honest review. The items on my list are the ones that I couldn’t have survived without!

Let me know what you think in the comments section – have you tried any of these? Which was your favorite? Share your experiences with all the mommies out there.

I have personally tried all of these items and give them my endorsement – but remember, what works for my Rose might not work for your little one.  

For Feeding

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

I was unable to breastfeed, so I knew that I would need something that made formula mixing easy at 3 am. This is like a coffee maker for formula! It was a life-saver, and it continues to be one of my favorite products. It warms, measures, and mixes formula for you in 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 oz increments. It is easy to clean and maintain, and so easy to use. My husband’s job is to make the bottles, so it gets him involved in the entire process.

Comotomo Baby Slow Flow Bottles

As I said before, I was unable to breastfeed, so I did my research on the most realistic bottle nipples out there. These are perfectly shaped, and have functional vents to prevent baby from swallowing air. Rose latched on right away and she has even started to try and grip the soft silicone sides. These are perfect for preventing nipple confusion as well. Tip: don’t screw on the tops too tight (my husband has a habit of doing that). When I attempt to take the top off to heat up the formula, it creates a suction and it becomes hard for me to take off because the ring itself is a smooth, slick material. The only part of the bottle with a gripping texture is the bottle base, which is a squishy silicone.

The Honest Company Sensitive Organic Infant Formula

After lots of research, I decided that this would be the formula for us to try. When we were in the hospital, they gave us the pre-mixed Enfamil, which worked out well also. But I knew from the start that I wanted to try this formula with Rose. It is perfect for sensitive tummies, and the organic infant formula is carefully balanced and modeled after breast milk, and meticulously blended using non-GMO, naturally derived ingredients, sourced from trusted organic farms to help ensure quality goodness. Plus, I can bundle my purchase and it is delivered to my door as frequently as I need it.

For Sleeping

DockAtot Deluxe Stage 1 Docking Sleeper Station

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I recently bought this after Rose was about 2 months. Max and I wanted to try a little co-sleeping, but wanted to be sure to keep her safe and secure. It is working out really well so far, and if we need to move her she is easily transferred to her bassinet (it fits inside the HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper) or wherever we want without waking her up. However, this is not something I would recommend if you are a heavy sleeper, or if you toss and turn a lot in bed – baby will definitely wake up!

For Health

Owlet Baby Monitor

This – although it is not listed first – is my number one recommended product for new parents, hands down. Read all about the benefits and science here, and then go buy one here. Thank me later when you are relieved at the fact that you know with absolute certainty your baby is alive, breathing, and safe.

Fridababy FeverFrida Thermonitor Baby Thermometer

This, like the Owlet, is amazing. Forget checking your baby’s temperature after they get their shots every hour. Stick this monitor under baby’s arm and watch from your phone how their temperature rises and falls. Even set alerts for when the temp gets too high and it’s time for Tylenol, and track their dosage for medications. This is perfect for kids of any age, and OK for sensitive baby skin.

For Diapering

The Honest Company Diapers

I can’t resist that these adorably-patterned diapers are delivered to my door! Adjust your subscription to meet your timing needs (every 3, 4, 5, or 6 weeks), which prints you prefer, as well as size and quantity of course. They are super absorbent (especially their nighttime diapers) and move very well with your little one without leaks. Not to mention, that each diaper bundle comes with wipes, too! This wipe can do it all – from wet bottoms & messy fingers, to sticky counters & gunked-up toys. They are infused with a botanical blend of pomegranate, chamomile, cucumber and masterwort leaf which is great for sensitive skin. In summary: plant-based, hypoallergenic, ultra-soft, extra large, and fragrance-free

Baby Gear

WubbaNub™ Pacifier Toy (also here)

I wish you could buy these in bulk – I keep 3 on constant rotation, and throw them in the washing machine when they need it. Rose loves gripping these and reaching for her pacifier whenever she needs it, which helps with her independence, self soothing techniques, and dexterity.

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller with Bassinet (also here)

The fact that I chose this stroller/car seat combo is my proudest mommy product brag: it is totally awesome. Not only does it fit multiple children, it is easy to use (and install), and has enough space on the bottom to do an entire grocery shopping trip. As soon as baby #2 is expected, I’m going to buy another rumble seat to match! This is my definite stroller of choice.

Soon, I will be reviewing more products and must-haves for Rose at 6-9 months, so check back on The Miami Rose. Missed my Newborn Must-Haves?


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