Let’s talk about something fun today! I want to talk about: cleaning. Nope, not normally a fun topic, and generally a chore that I dread (it’s mostly the folding laundry part that I hate). After getting pregnancy the first time around, I have made a change in the products we use. Everything from cleaning products to face lotion, I want to make sure that the things we are surrounding ourselves with are safe for me and safe for baby. So, when I had the chance to try all the Honest Company cleaning products I was glad to see that it is made with plant-derived cleaning agents. It is gentle for people, pets, and the planet, and I have been using it now since 2015! In this post I have also included my FREE Cleaning Checklist – scroll down!

The Honest Company Cleaning Products

Along the way I found out some cool and desirable facts about The Honest Company: their products are made without potentially health-compromising chemicals or compounds. Their approach takes full consideration of potential chronic (long-term) impacts, exposure routes, unique windows of vulnerability and a wide spectrum of potential health impacts including carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, allergenicity, neurotoxicity and more. Some companies play on consumers’ fears by saying they don’t use certain chemicals in their products — even if that type of product never contains it. While each product has a unique guarantee, as a company, they keep a master list of ingredients they’ll never consider for use in anything. Period. They confirm, to the best of their knowledge, based on information from raw material and packaging suppliers and manufacturing partners that their products are made without: phthalates (DEHP, BBP, DBP, DMP, DEP); PVC; formaldehyde carriers; alkylphenols; benzene; TEA (Triethanolamine); MEA (Monoethanolamine); parabens; phosphates; chlorine processing; chlorinated or brominated solvents; ceteareth 20; resorcinol; bronopol; quaternium 15; triclosan; sulfur oxides; organohalides; hexavalent chromium; DMDM hydantoin; organophosphate pesticides; 1,4 – dioxane; SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates); optical brighteners; mineral oil; petrolatum; BPA (bisphenol-A); a-chlorotoluene

Not only is it safe for my home, it is safer for the world. Their products also contain ingredients that you can find around the house or in the grocery store, like coconuts, potatoes, lavender, orange oil, parsley, and vinegar (which I use to clean my floors!).

After using their home cleaning products since 2015, I couldn’t be more pleased! The blood, grease, and sweat stains were cleaned from my husband’s shirts, and the onsies were as soft as ever using their detergent. Their dish soap is divine and easily cuts through grease without creating a huge mountain of bubbles. And their multi-surface cleaner – well, let’s just say I use it for every surface and it works every time. The scent wasn’t too overpowering like most grocery store brands, and I know exactly what chemicals are and aren’t touching me every day. I even notice an improvement in my skin, and the normal itchiness and bumps that I get on my upper arms is much more mild. This is definitely one lifestyle change I am happy to make!

Printable Cleaning Checklist

I also know how hard it is to keep up with cleaning the house as a mom or working professional – or both! I have created a FREE Cleaning Checklist for you to download and use! Under the Weekly category, I have listed things that should be done every day, and all you have to do is cross off the day with a big, proud X when it is finished. Or, assign it to a family member by writing in their initials *WINK WINK*.

Check off Weekly and Monthly tasks as well – this printable is good for an entire month before you need to print another! As a whole, cleaning is a never ending and daunting task, but when you break it down into baby steps or prioritize your family’s needs it’s totally doable. You’ve got this! What do you think of this checklist?

Download the Cleaning Checklist


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