The sun was finally out here in Miami for some time this weekend – and then it went away again! Back to rainy days for a while. I was able to wear something light and breezy that featured my all-time favorite: palm print! It is a bit different than the traditional prints I have been seeing since it features blues and soft greens, which makes it even more interesting. An of course, my all-time fave white denim jacket is baaaaaack! LOL. I think that a denim jacket is a staple piece in anyone’s closet, so I have added a few of my favorites to the bottom of this post in several different price points.

I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day weekend! I woke up with NO voice today – but not from yelling. Max had a chest cold last week and I thought I had avoided it, but I guess not. I have a tiny sore throat and I sound like a whisper, but if this is the worst of it, I’m OK with that. As long as Rose doesn’t get sick, I’ll be happy!

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