When I set out to pack my hospital bag for Rose’s delivery, I knew keeping it simple was critical. I pride myself in being prepared and packing smart (check out my fashion itinerary tool, a printable for packing) so there was a lot of pressure to pack the perfect assortment of essential items. My clothes would consist of soft, comfortable nightgowns and robes with fuzzy slippers and uggs, so that was easy. But what to pack to make sure I looked better than I felt? With the abundance of visitors stopping by to see baby Rose and the many pictures I knew they would take, I couldn’t help that a part of me wanted to make sure I looked healthy and glowing. Here are a few of the things in my beauty bag that I loved when I was in the hospital.

Shampoo samples – on the offchance you have the ability to shower during your stay in the hospital, shampoo samples are the perfect way to go. You aren’t packing an entire bottle from home and adding to the bulk to your bag, and you are also getting to try something new, perhaps, which is a little luxury in itself. I packed two kinds, because I knew I would be there for three days, Tresemme and Hair Food.

Face masque – there’s nothing that refreshes your skin quite like a mask, and my favorite kind is a rose one. The scent is divine and the cool mask is gentle on the skin. I love the affordable Sephora brand Rose Face Mask and have used it several times since. It leaves my skin soft and rejuvenated.

Lip balm – no one likes dry lips, and in an environment like a cold, dry hospital, it’s bound to happen. During labor, or surgery, and through recovery, a good sturdy lip balm is a must. I prefer Burt’s Bees (any of their flavors) because of the fact that it lasts so long and provides great protection. You can even get one with a little tint to it!

Perfumed wipes – during the first day, I knew there would be a slim-to-none chance of me showering (maybe on day 2) so I had the luck of stumbling across LancĂ´me perfumed wipes. They were great for freshening up my skin without overdoing it with perfume. I definitely didn’t want to smell badly when people came by to visit our new family! In the situation of you probably not getting out of bed for a little while (and feeling pretty sweaty, sticky, and gross) these were lifesavers.

Breath strips – nothing annoyed me more than the feeling that I needed to brush my teeth or swish with mouthwash. But let’s be honest, this is way easier in a situation like this! Have a pack of Listerine strips handy instead of mints or gum.

Rollerball perfume – you may need some (or a lot) of refreshing while in the hospital, but trust me when I say don’t bring a spray. Try and find your fave scent in rollerball version. It’s perfect for travel and will prevent you from over-spraying. And, not to mention, you don’t want your newborn baby breathing in any of that excess. I chose Gold because of how warm and subtle it is.

Dry shampoo – maybe you can’t shower, or worked up a good sweat, and need some dry shampoo. A little sample size is perfect if you can find it, like this one from drybar.

Facial mist – a spritz on your face during labor or while you are waiting for the green light to take a shower may be just the thing that saves you. It can help to cool you down, serve as a light face wash, or moisturizer your pores in a dry, sterile environment. A great house is Honest Company’s beauty line, which is purely organic and simple for all skin.

Creme blush – going without full makeup is probably a good idea, since your skin will already be going through a lot. Worrying about your makeup is the last thing you will want once your baby arrives – all your attention will be on them. Give yourself a little color by utilizing a creme or gel blush on your cheeks, lips, and eyelids, too. Another great organic brand is Au Naturale. Their stick is great and has a bit of shimmer to pick up on your motherly glow.

Skin repair – hospitals aren’t known for having the spa-like environment, and your hormones will be going crazy as well. Starting some skin repair early on may help shorten the time period between bad skin and back-to-normal. If you tend to break out, be sure you cleanse. If you have dry, flaky skin like I do that needs moisture, try Perricone MD products for skin care.

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