I am learning very quickly that not only do babies constantly change in weight, size, and development, their sleep patterns are in a constant state of evolution in the first few months. At first, Rose was an easy newborn that slept most of the time. This was great since it allowed us to get used to her for the first month or so. But now as she is becoming a more interactive baby, her sleep patterns have varied. She began to stay awake longer, and seemed to not want to sleep – she might miss something important! At one point, she would only go to sleep in her car seat when driving somewhere or walking around in the stroller. I certainly couldn’t do that every time it was time for her to sleep, and I knew it wasn’t a healthy habit. I started to struggle with how to figure out a great way to put her to sleep. With her schedule always changing I wasn’t sure what to do. So, I did what a lot of new moms do, and I went to the Internet.

I’ve been constantly reading valuable articles that support the idea of a nighttime routine. Whether it be a bath, storytime, song, or rocking her, routines like these can help babies signal that it’s bed time, which allows them to begin to learn how to put themselves to sleep. Apparently, this is an important skill as they become more independent and grow. Nested Bean has great weighted products that you can use with baby – the weight on the chest and sides give the baby a feeling of touch. The small weight on the chest feels like your hands placed on them, and the two weights on the sides give them the feeling that they’re being held. You can read more about the science behind their amazing products on their site.

I started using the Zen swaddle for my nighttime routine just 4 nights ago and already I can see a difference. She’s starting to recognize now that this is going to be part of her bedtime routine. The weight helps her feel secure, and simultaneously gives her the signal that it’s time for sleep. By continuing to use this every night I hope that it helps her become a more independent sleeper as she grows into a big girl. I will keep you all updated, but for now, I’m in love with this product!

Nested Bean provided complementary products for this post.

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  1. When I have used it I have put the weights first than wrap. I need to try just leaving the arms out. That way I don’t have to buy another one. Love this product

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