Sometimes, you just have to keep it easy. With the year round heat in Miami, you better believe it gets even worse in the summer. Not only does it mess with you sweat glands and hair, it messes with your brain! You just feel yucky and cranky and you can’t think at all because of the suffocating humidity. Sometimes I can’t imagine wearing anything else but a comfortable pair of jeans and a crisp, breezy white shirt. Luckily, my closet is full of those! Most people would probably discover that they own a lot of black clothing items due to the simple fact that black is versatile, pairs well with almost anything, and can be slimming. Well, not me. Black also soaks up the sun and gets way too hot, way too fast (never get in a car with black leather in Miami while wearing shorts, friends) so most of my closet items are whites and creams, made from lightweight fabric. So for anyone coming to Miami Swim Week in a couple of weeks, here’s a tip: the sun doesn’t set until around 8, so pack for all-day sun!



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